Ganoderma and Camping

Miner's TentWhen camping in the wilderness, it is best not to eat random mushrooms one finds in the forest.  Indeed, some of these toadstools are not fun guys at all, causing anything from stomach cramps to death if ingested.  Since I’d rather avoid death, I tend not to eat mushrooms when embracing nature.  Unless you count the ones in my coffee.  It sounds odd, I know, but recently my friend Kari introduced me to a flavorful company called Organo Gold.  All of their products, including their coffee varieties, have a secret ingredient in them called ganoderma.  Ganoderma is a flat, table-like mushroom that grows on wood.  This beneficial chanterelle is known for it various health properties, including the control of blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation, relief of fatigue, and bolstering of the immune system.  China, Japan, and other Asian countries have known about ganoderma for centuries.

Brown and Cream Mushroom

I was quite pleased when my friend Kari became a distributor for Organo Gold.  Although ganoderma is available from a variety of sources, no other company has been able to make it taste as tempting as the good people of Organo.   Coffee, in itself, brings a wonderful earth element to the table, with its rich brown hues and terrene aroma.   It is mostly a yin beverage, but I feel this also depends on how sweet one makes it – yin is sugary, whereas yang is more savory, from a sweetness standpoint.  There’s also the argument that it’s stimulating effect is more yang in its origins.  Personally, as someone who has chosen coffee as a lifestyle choice (not an addition), I would be lost without my two cups in the morning.  So, I would say it’s more yang in its energies due to the caffeine.   Also, coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 Diabetes, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.  I tried two of the impressive Organo beverages, and was astounded to say the least.

The most popular of their products, their Black Coffee has a distinct nutty taste to it, almost like hazelnut.  This is what I like to call the Frangelico Aspect.   The nuttiness flavor stems from the ganoderma extract in the brew.  Very, very tasty.

Organo Gold’s Black Coffee in Cafe Latte form.  Already sweetened with cream and sugar, this is just like having a latte ready at one’s fingertips.  The Frangelico Aspect is here as well.  Perfect for those who love hazelnut lattes.

Another reason I praise Organo is that all of their beverages need only one additional ingredient:  boiling water.  As a mircobrew, the coffee comes prepackaged in individual servings, with each box having multiple packets.  This is the ideal product to take with you when your coffee maker isn’t close at hand.  It is especially perfect to enjoy while relaxing on some seafaring vessel – or when one is camping in the wilds of nature (I prefer Cabrillo State Beach above Malibu).  Kari’s website for Organo Gold is below, and if you have any questions about the coffee, feel free to email her at     I am looking forward to having their hot chocolate this winter, perhaps by a roaring fire…

Update:  Due to some incredible and positive career changes, Kari is no longer selling Oregano Gold.  To find a distributor near you, please refer to their website: